What do Your Happy Vouchers include?

  • There are 12 pre-printed Happy Vouchers that you’re expected to redeem/provide by giving this book of Your Happy Vouchers to them. The vouchers include:
  • A day with a picnic or perching by a fireplace
  • Go shopping for new underwear (or to have some picked out for you)
  • A lucky voucher – this could be a lottery ticket (or the recipient could choose another way to get lucky)
  • To go somewhere totally new neither of you have been before
  • A lazy pyjama day – with brunch served too
  • Voucher to tidy up (maybe you want to save it for after a dinner party or bbq)
  • A date in or by the water – by the ocean a river or in a spa
  • A date at the flicks, served with treat of choice (of, and recipient chooses the film)
  • Cook your favourite food together (& the recipient doesn’t clean up)
  • Look back on fabulous days gone by and print some photos
  • Quiet time with new reading material and a great cuppa
  • A bunch of flowers, have a bunch brought home or to your desk when redeemed
  • 3 Blank Vouchers to add your own gifts that you might want to spend more money or time fulfilling – You can write “I’ll treat you to a 1 hour massage” or “Your restaurant of choice for dinner” or “Stand-up paddle-boarding lessons” or “Manicure & Pedicure” or “Theme Park Day Out”
  • Last, but not least, Your Happy Vouchers include lots of happy fun-filled energy with happy quotes. These aren’t romantic, you could give them to a good friend, housemate, even your child (probably over age of 6 years). They’re unisex and nice to reflect on, a little boost.

Who are they posted to?

  • We mail them to the contact details provided. Because there are pages to be completed, be sure they’re not mailed directly to the recipient (unless you message us and ask us to complete them for you first).

When are Your Happy Vouchers put in the post?

  • They’re in the next day’s post after you’ve ordered. You’ll receive a confirmation email so you know they’re on the way.

What do I receive?

  • You’ll receive the 36-page booklet of Your Happy Vouchers, a shiny new envelope and a reminder to check “Top Tips” for completing the gift.

What do I have to do before giving Your Happy Vouchers to my friend/partner/child?

  • Write an introductory message, maybe recognise the occasion (if there is one) or otherwise tell them how fabulous they are. Just write what you might in a card.
  • Rules of Redemption – you don’t need to add to this if you don’t want. Feel free to add #4 “24 hours’ notice required” or “Valid for 12 months” or if you’re giving them to a friend or parent, add that someone else needs to help fulfil them.
  • Towards the back there are 3 Blank Vouchers to complete (some tips listed above and on “Top Tips” page)

Anything else?

Do what makes you happy. These are intended for that. Fulfil them when you’re asked to.